Affiliate Programs Windfall

I want to explain you can create affiliate marketing windfall so it’ll help you plan how you’re going to attack your own affiliate marketing.

Target Major Product Launches

One affiliate marketing route is to get in on the major product launches. These normally convert very high (because it’s new) and pay very high (because the merchant goes ‘all out’ to launch it). Also, you get less refunds than with ClickBank for instance. The way you get in on major product launches is you either do one of two things:

1) E-mail the marketer and ask for the sign up page for the affiliate program. Make sure you say you have resources such as an e-mail list or website that gets regular traffic (if you do).

2) Type into Google “THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT + JV Blog.” Usually there is a blog created specifically for joint venture partner affiliates. You can sometimes get “in” on the action like this.

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