Facebook Fan Page Success

The whole point of having a Facebook page is to get people to Like and follow it.
Here are some ways to help you do it.

Post A Status On Your Profile.

This one’s really simple – if you don’t ask you don’t get; and your friends are
probably the ones most likely to join at first, if for nothing else than just to support

Ask Members To Upload And Tag Photos.

This is especially useful if you organize an event in which a lot of your members
attend. Ask them to upload photos to your page’s wall and then tag themselves. You
could even turn it into a contest for “Best Photo.” Remember to ask members to also
tag themselves – in addition to creating content on your page; the photo (along with
your company’s name) will appear on that member’s wall.

Put A “Like” Box On Your Website.

No one wants to go to your website, then go to Facebook, then find you, all in an
effort to like your page. Consolidate the process by putting a box right on your
website, and making it much easier for them.

Tag People In Your Statuses.

Tagging people in status updates is something that many people are familiar with. To
tag someone simply enter the “@” sign before their username, and click on their
name when it appears automatically. When you tag someone in your status, it will
appear on their Wall, and you’ll be reaching out to many more people.

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