How To Start Blogging And Make Your First $1000 Online

Are you aware that a lot of people out there earn income blogging? A while back, a good friend of mine approached me asking for practical tips on How to start Blogging and make your first $1000 online. Apparently, he couldn’t believe that making real money blogging was a possibility until I directed him to my blog on how to earn a part-time and full-time income online.

Additionally, I went on to give him my tested and proven strategy that helped him reach his dream goal of earning $1000. Ever since he found out that making money blogging was a reality, he has never given up without a fight. Blogging is a lucrative side hustle that gives you the much needed financial independence and lets you live life according to your own terms.

Whereas blogging can help you quit your (boring) day job and escape the rat race, earning real money takes months—or even years. I’ve already published an article on my blog about How I Earned My First Income Blogging, which has received tremendous attention from my audience. In this snippet, I’ll take it a notch higher by providing everything there is to know about blogging and earning your first $1000.

Start Your Blog

Don’t just spend hours dreaming of starting your blog. Actions speak louder than dreams. Commit yourself if you want to make money online. When I was building my website, I had to put my whole heart into the project because I had a feeling that the future of business was blogging. I was so determined to succeed that nothing could ever stop me. Failing to commit yourself is like setting your destiny of failure.

Choose a Domain Name

The next step revolves around picking a name for your blog. Your name is the most crucial factor of your business. So, it has to stand out from the crowd and speak a bold language about your business. Let’s assume your blog is in the line of Finance, then perhaps your domain could be something like

Don’t get so caught up in your name searching process that you find it hard to settle. Choose something that thrills you, but avoid overthinking. Once you’ve set aside a few hours to search for a name, I recommend finding for possibilities of your domain name on a website such as You can often get a domain for around $12 per year.

Sign Up For a Host

Yes, you’ve bought your domain name. Your next step now involves setting up hosting for the blog in question. You’ve got a myriad of hosting options, but Siteground remains an inexpensive option suitable for starters. Other options include Bluehost, Lunarpages, HostGator, and much more. I personally use Siteground because of their topnotch 24/7 customer support. Irrespective of your hosting company, you will need to install WordPress for free to get you started right away.

Choose a Theme

Picking a premium theme for your blog will set it up to look professional. There are several popular themes out there, including Thesis and Genesis. Make sure you know exactly how you want your blog to look like, for this will help you settle on the right theme. Choose a premium theme that makes sense not only for your goals but also your blog style.

Do Some Research

You’ve got to spend time researching and understanding all the mysteries of blogging, and especially for your preferred niche. You have to master the craft to help you move on with ease and speed. Bloggers have a ton of free resources plastered all over the web.

Read every single resource, including how to choose an angle for your blog, how to build your readership, and how to monetise your site. Implement everything you’ve learned to help you figure out what’s left.


Build a Network

If you thought networking is something you only do with complete strangers at a cocktail bash, think again. Online networking is paramount to earning that coveted $1000 in no time. Participate in forums where money bloggers mostly hung out.

When you connect with them, you will be building your network and learning valuable lessons that will help you create new opportunities. Remember, your network easily translates to your net worth!

Publish Consistent Blog Posts

Publishing a blog post is an integral part of the success journey online. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first, especially for beginners who find it somewhat scary writing their first blog post. Focus on publishing it, regardless of whether or not it is the best piece you’ve ever written. Your first blog post is likely to suck but don’t worry because you will likely get better with every word you write down. You can also use sites like to hire writers to search and do the writing for you for a small fee. This can save you a lot of time in the process.

Guest Posting for other Blogs

Guest posting helps you build relationships with your fellow bloggers, ultimately bringing new eyeballs to your site. In addition to getting you in the know, writing guest posts will help you build valuable backlinks to your website. Guest posting remains a smart move for bloggers whose blog is up and running.

Build Long-term Relationships With Your Subscribers

Let’s face it folks; missing out on a single prospect is disappointing, to say the least. So, you’ve to struggle to ensure all your subscribers are with you every step of the way. You already know that money is in the list! Using an autoresponder helps you send out marketing messages to your subscribers, ensuring you never miss even a single customer or prospect. This automated tool guarantees the best returns on your marketing investment for your blogging business for many years to come.

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