The Affiliate Freemium Strategy

To become a Super Affiliate, you focus on building a list. And building a list is really all about traffic generation.

When you set up a list at your landing page, it’s just a matter of getting more people to visit that page (IE “traffic”) and opt-in (IE “subscribe to the list”). “List building” is just generating traffic to a page where visitors can join your list. For this report,

I want to share what to do once people are on the list. I want to teach you about marketing and monetization.

1. The Email Sequence That Produces Orders. I’ll begin by explaining the method you can use for sending followup email messages that move subscribers forward in the buying process.

2. 5 Quick Keys To Setting Up Effective Follow-Up Messages. Then, I’ll give you some insights into what really works when it comes to getting subscribers to read and respond to your autoresponder messages.

3. 10 Freemiums That Are A Perfect Blend Of Information And Promotion. I’ll close out by introducing you to a set of freemiums that have a high perceived value without delivering so much that the recipient has no reason to buy your product.

So, let’s go ahead and dive in… Click here to continue reading…

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