The Secret To Getting People To Give You Money

The people who have been able to succeed and continue to succeed,
even when markets change and regulations put most out of business,
are the people who have the ability to provide great value.

It’s all about delivering VALUE to others to make money online.
Customers exchange their money for value, period.
People, your customers, will give you money in exchange for you giving
them value. Do not ever forget this.They seek value and your job is to provide it to them.
If you can acquire one skill, it should be the skill of providing value to
people. The other skill would be “sales”.

For now, understand that you must get good at providing value. People
buy products they WANT, not what they need. Sure, they might think
they need something, but likely they merely want it.

You do not need to sell products people need. Most products or services
people need are commodities and are regulated. People need food and
water. They need shelter and medical. People do not want to spend a lot
on needs. In fact, many believe those needs should be provided free by

What most people spend their money on are “wants”.
Anyone can live in a $400 per month apartment, but people buy
$500,000 houses.

Do they need that nicer house?
Do they need leather seats in their two cars?
Do they need 15 pairs of shoes or 85 different shirts to wear?
Do they need a wireless keyboard for their computer or iPads?

Online, do people need an information product on how to persuade
people… how to lose weight… how to get more dates… how to drive
traffic… how to earn six figures… how to grow beautiful roses… or how to
improve their golf game?

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